Nov 2018 One Dog, Three Types of Cancer

Many people assume we recommend dogs be spayed and neutered only to help control pet overpopulation.  Did you know spaying and neutering can also prevent cancer?  Meet Jazz.  He was adopted as a puppy and wasn’t neutered because his pet parents thought they might want to breed him.  The years came and went and at 11 years old Jazz came to our office and Dr. Laning noticed he had a tumor near his anus, and one of his testicles was much larger than the other.  Suspecting testicular cancer he was neutered and had the anal mass removed by Dr. Rommel using our surgical laser.  It turns out the large testicle had two types of cancer (Seminoma and Interstitial Cell Tumor) and the mass near the anus was a Circumanal Gland Adenoma, which is a cancer most commonly seen in un-neutered males.  All three of these cancers would have been prevented if Jazz had been neutered as a puppy.

Aug 2018 The Danger of a Hot Hose

Now that we’re in the hot days of August we wanted to warn you about a hidden danger.  Did you know that garden hoses baking in the summer sun can heat to over 120 degrees and can cause thermal burns in exposed dogs?  A study performed by the Texas A&M Vet School described 22 cases of second- or third-degree burns on dogs who were hosed off on hot days.  The burns were usually along the dogs’ backs.  Since the skin wounds didn’t appear immediately, many pet owners didn’t realize the cause was exposure to hot hose water.  So, make sure you feel the hose water temperature yourself before spraying your furry friend!

July 2018 What’s in your garden?

Cooper is a typical chocolate lab who, like most dogs, enjoys partaking of nature’s “salad” by eating grass, leaves and flowers.  He came to Millersville Animal Hospital recently for excessive drooling.  On examination there was no specific wound or foreign matter in his mouth but when Dr. Laning reviewed his record she saw that Cooper had been in to see us on exactly the same day the previous year for exactly the same problem!  We believe there must be some delicious plant in Cooper’s yard that’s causing mouth irritation, and the plant must be in bloom at about the same time every year.  Thankfully whatever plant Cooper is eating has only caused mild irritation but there are some common yard plants that can be more dangerous.  Check out the ASPCA Poison Control Center webpage for more  information