Here is where your visit starts! Our receptionists are highly trained to get you on your way to the help you and your pet need.

Examination Room
Here is where most of the interaction with your veterinarian takes place. We take our time to find out what issues you’re seeing with your pet at home, perform a thorough physical examination, and tie everything together to offer you the best solutions.

We have a wide variety of pharmaceuticals available so you won’t have to go all over town to collect the medications your pet needs.

Our modern, in-house laboratory is able to perform pre-anesthetic blood panels as well as testing for critically ill patients and have results within 30 minutes. It gives us the ability to help diagnose serious medical conditions in much less time than we used to.

Millersville Animal Hospital combines a well-equipped surgical suite with the safety of the most up to date anesthetic drugs, continuous EKG, oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring during surgery. We are able to perform a broad array of surgeries with the exception of orthopedics. Our surgeons handle everything from the common spays, neuters, and feline laser declaws to the more difficult tumor removals, eye surgeries, and abdominal surgeries.

Radiology (taking X-ray images) is critically important to properly diagnose many medical conditions including heart and lung diseases, stomach and intestinal diseases, problems with other abdominal organs, cancer and bone conditions such as arthritis, fractures, and slipped vertebral discs.

Many patients can have X-ray images taken while you wait but for many conditions we strongly recommend pets be sedated to minimize discomfort and radiation exposure to your pet and our staff.